Why Kayak Fishing?

If you haven’t noticed already, Kayak fishing is taking the angler world by storm.

So why Kayak Fishing?


  • COST: Kayaks are the cheapest and most efficient way for you to get to those fishing spots you can’t access with even the longest of casts. It also makes it a lot easier to get your lures and and rigs back from a snag.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Kayaks open up infinite possibilities when it comes to the areas you can access. The manoeuvrability and size of a fishing kayak allows you to explore the narrowest of streams, lakes inland, estuaries and even inshore reefs and headlands.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE: Kayaks do not require any on-going costs. Fuel, servicing, rego and batteries can be spared and the well-needed money which comes along side can be put to other use.

  • NO BOATS, MORE FISH: The spots where boats are unable to access due to their size and the danger of reef etc. is now your territory for the taking. Theses spots are usually thriving with good fish simply because others cannot get to them!
  • STEALTH: If you sneak up on fish in a kayak as opposed to a bigger boat, there is no question…. the fish are less likely to know you are there and more likely to bite better for longer.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS: By the end of a day out on the water, you have burnt countless calories without your body even noticing because you’re too busy fishing!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No engine, no emissions, no worries! Improve your carbon footprint and have fun doing so.
Image result for kayak calorie burn chart

At the end of the day either boat or kayak, you can’t beat it to you try it!

Come down yourself and have a look,